My story

Hello! I’m Reily Adonis, born and raised inside a small town in a tiny country called: the Netherlands. My dad is Dutch and my mom, a Filipina, flew in all the way from the other side of the globe (another long story in itself). When one day, my parents took me on a family reunion in the Philippines I saw my cousins jamming along to dozens of songs. With some guitars, a chord-book and all voices in harmony they sang the night away.

I had never witnessed anything like this before and I was so fascinated by this magical mysterious collection of sounds that connects people in a way nothing else can. I just had to try and do this myself.  So there it went, what began as a simple hobby quickly turned into an intense passion that made me eager to wake up every day. I found this life-long friend that I could always rely on in times of trouble. And make celebrations even bigger.

As I grew older and older I realized more and more how much I wanted to take this to the next level. However, my circumstances did not allow me to follow the path I truly wanted to take. Being stuck inside an education system I did not believe was going to make me come any closer to my true north. I had to make a drastic decision …

I choose to leave the comfortable nest and fly into the wild. Setting foot on the grounds my mother once came from. Sacrificing everything to focus on and pursue this one thing that has been in the core of my roots all this time: music.

Filled with a fire to make a positive change. No matter how big or small that may be. On a mission to connect and bring joy or give you a helping hand when the going gets tough. Having the incredible power of music in my hand. I’m thrilled to take you on this journey!

So hop on and enjoy the ride 😉